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Knitting Hat



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knitting pattern  

Knitting Hat

Knitting a hat with the SpinCraft method is very fun. The first thing you do is measure the head of the person who is going to be wearing the hat. Then you knit a swatch with your chosen yarn and needles, measure the swatch to get a gauge. And finally, make some simple calculations to get the right size for your hat.

After several years of designing hats, I decided that I was tired of doing so much measuring. So I come up with something new. A No Measure Hat system. You just start knitting until you get something that fits. Way cool. Try knitting your hat that way today. 

We've put several of these patterns together into a set in our online shopping cart -- And drastically reduced the price when you download the set into your computer. Click here for "No Measure Hats"

Then please try our many other patterns for hats, scarves, sweaters, vests and more. You can also download all the patterns straight into your computer. Please bookmark the site after you get there, so you can come again and again.

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