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Fun Knitting Craft Pattern

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Learn how to knit many craft patterns with the SpinCraft Technique 

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Craft Pattern

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Craft Patterns

Over the years SpinCraft Patterns have been designed following certain themes. In our shopping cart we have compiled the similar patterns into economical sets to allow you to explore the full possibility of our various designes. Best of all ... you can download immediately into your computer.

A Set of Little Dolls

These little knit and crochet dolls are the cutest things you've ever seen. Very fast projects to whip up with scrap yarn.

  • Double Knit Bears: These bears are quick to work up - the perfect project for scraps of yarn. 
  • Crochet Sheep & Llama: This pattern has variations for two little sheep sizes 4" and 3" tall. 
  • Angora Bunny & Pocket Bunny A couple little projects for Easter. 
  • Poppy Sheep (Crochet): Poopy Sheep is crocheted and filled with black jelly beans which "poop" out the back hole. 



Sewn Dolls

They aren't knitting patterns, but they are very fun and creative. This set contains a series of doll patterns that are cut and sewn on the sewing machine. I designed mine all around handspun and woven material, but they can really be made from anything -- even old curtains.

  • Jointed 20" Teddy Bear: This is a cut and sew pattern for a 20" bear. 
  • Love is Blind Bear:  A cut and sew pattern that can be made from handspun material or store-bought.
  • Yarn or Rag Sheep: The "wool" is scraps of leftover yarn or rag strips.
  • Sitting Sheep with Sweater: This is a cut-and sew doll that can be made from handwoven material - or use store-bought. 

For The Home

Make some fun things for the home. Several Afghan ideas, rugs, and even a fun cactus to sit in the living room. Or make yourself some jewelry.

  • Panel and Cable Join Afghan: Your choice of two styles. With panel afghan you can knit one panel for each of your sheep. Each strip is knit with a different stitch pattern to keep it interesting. In the second version you make lots of blocks and join them with an attractive cable.
  • Crochet Log Cabin Rug & Irish Crochet Rug: You'll want to make this rug just to learn the loop stitch. It's so fun! Log cabin pattern is an opportunity to use up all your scraps of yarn. Make it any size. Irish Crochet Rug is a very lacy showpiece for any room.
  • Four Foot Cactus: A unique decoration for home or business. Made from four scarves which can be woven on any small loom. Inside is PVC pipe and stuffing.
  • Hemp Jewelry: Get in on the hottest new rage! These attractive fiber necklaces can be made with handspun hemp or twine. Get the kids in on the fun.



Weaving Projects

We have some great ideas and instructions for weaving enthusiasts. Learn about different looms - and make interesting scarves and home decorations.

Learn how to weave.

  • Weaving a Fold: Make a blanket twice as wide as your four-harness loom. You can also make fun tubes for bags and pillows.
  • The Backstrap Loom: This ancient loom is so easy to make and use. Weave while riding in your car, sitting on the couch, or while on vacation. It is traditionally used outside tied to a tree, or inside tied to a beam in the hut. These instructions tell how to make your own backstrap loom, and then use it to weave simple items.
  • Yarn Designed Scarves: Techniques for weaving interesting scarves on your rigid heddle loom. Design the yarn with dying techniques and simple weaving creates beautiful effects.
  • Four Foot Cactus: A unique decoration for home or business. Made from four scarves which can be woven on any small loom. Inside is PVC pipe and stuffing.


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And what if you want to spin your own yarn?

We have that too!

Connie Delaney is the author of:

Spindle Spinning: From Novice to Expert

The premier book for learning to spin your own yarn. Starting with a drop spindle is an inexpensive, and easy way to start spinning your own yarn. If you like it, you can graduate to a spinning wheel any time!

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