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Knitting Pattern


Knit hat, hand or knitting machine, knitting stitch and crochet for any sweater, vest, hat, easy instructions,

Learn to Knit
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Knitting Instructions

knitting instruction

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knitting pattern

Basic Knitting Instructions

  • Knitting Stitch - Learn the knit stitch from easy drawings

  • Purl Stitch - After learning the knit stitch, learn the purl stitch and you are ready to knit anything!

  • SpinCraft Knitting Patterns - For easy, beginning patterns use our skill level selector. 

  • Knit Knitting - For knitting terms, abbreviations, and lots of other information.


Step one: To make a slip knot - Measure approx. a yard of yarn.  Twist yarn into a loop and draw 1" of loose end through loop.  Sl onto needle and pull snug.

Step two: Hold needle in primary hand. Slip thumb and forefinger of other hand into V of yarn below loop.  Grab both yarn ends with remaining 3 fingers.  Bend needle down and slip into loop formed around thumb.  Slip needle up and grab yarn which is over forefinger.  Pull yarn through loop and tighten.  Repeat for desired number of sts.

cast on knitting

Knitting cast on

Knitting is nothing more than pulling loops through loops.  The difference between a k st and a p st is whether the loop is pulled through the back of the st or the front of the st.  


(Needle holding cast on sts is 1st needle.)  Hold loose yarn in back of work.  Sl second needle through first st on 1st needle from front to back.  Loop free yarn up to the back and around to the front of second needle slipping it down through crack where needles meet.  Slide point of second needle along rounded body of first needle catching yarn and bringing it through original st. Sl old st off 1st needle.  Rep to end of row.  

knitting stitchknitting stitch

knitting stitchknitting stitch


Hold loose yarn in front of work.  Sl second needle through first st on 1st needle from back to front. Loop free yarn up form the front and around to the back of second needle, slipping it down through crack where needles meet. Pull loop through st and sl old st from needle. Rep to end of row.

Work a row of k and a row of p for several rows until you can see the difference between the two sts.  K looks like a V.  P look like a bump.  

Purl Stitchpurl stitch

purl stitchpurl stitch

Knit 1, purl 1

When changing from k to p in the middle of a row it is important to bring your yarn to the front between the needles.  When changing from p to k you must bring the yarn from the front to the back between the needles.  If you don't do this you will have an extra loop to contend with.  Try it now. *K1, bring your yarn to the front between needles, p1, bring yarn to back, rep from * to *. Practice for several rows.


Sometimes you'll want to make an extra loop on purpose. This is a way of increasing and leaving a hole for a fancy pattern.  Try it now: *K1, bring your yarn to the front between the needles * (this is called a YO, yarn over). Rep from * to *.  You will have twice as many sts on your needle when done. P the next row across on every loop.  Watch carefully to see what that YO looks like. Beginning knitters often make these when they don't want to.


One simple way to decrease is to k 2 sts tog.  Try it now.  Hold yarn in back and insert second needle through first 2 sts on 1st needle. K them off together.  Rep across the row and you will have the original number of sts. You can also decrease by purling 2 sts together. Work a couple rows knitting one row and purling the next so you don't have a knotted mess and we'll try another way of increasing and decreasing. 


K first st but do not sl old st from needle, instead, bring yarn to front and purl in same st.  You now have 2 sts with no hole.  Repeat across the row being sure to bring yarn back to the front before knitting. K and p a few rows.


Sl one st as if to k (insert second needle in st from front to back and slip it off 1st needle). K1, psso (slip 1st needle into front of slipped st and lift it up and over the k st). Rep to end of row. K and p a few rows to even out your work.


You now know all the basic techniques of knitting.  Lets finish off this wonderful piece of work by binding off.  k2, * pass 1st st over second st, k1*, rep from * to * to last st.  Cut yarn and pull through loop.


Thread a tapestry needle with loose yarn ends and work through several sts, clip short.  


We also have crochet and weaving patterns.

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        And what if you want to spin your own yarn?

We have that too!


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