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Knitting Needle

One of the nice things about a SpinCraft Knitting Pattern is that you don't have to go out and buy a new knitting needle for every project you knit. Our patterns are written with a special calculation system that makes it possible to choose from a wide variety of knitting yarns. Instead of buying a knitting needle to fit the pattern, you simply use a knitting needle that matches your yarn. It is easy to knit with a SpinCraft Knitting Pattern, because our patterns are so fun and clearly written. We take knitting to a whole new dimension with our Knit-so-it-Fits directions. 

A SpinCraft Knitting Pattern will tend to be knit in one piece. We have a few patterns that are knit in sections and sewn together later, but those are the exception. Because of this you will find that a selection of circular knitting needles will suffice to make the majority of our patterns. We are even expanding into the new, exciting, field of knitting tubes (such as socks) using two circular knitting needles. Very fun to do!

Of course, we still have many patterns for knitting socks, mittens, hats and gloves with double pointed knitting needles. 

SpinCraft Patterns focuses on making an interesting shape with knitting stitches. You can usually add your own knit stitches in the place of ours, and make your project as easy or as difficult as you want. 

The way it works is quite simple. You take a measurement from the person who is going to be wearing the piece, and then you find your gauge (usually by knitting a swatch). Then you make some easy calculations which tell you how many stitches to cast on, and where to go from there.

 Please take a look through our online shopping cart. Not only are we easy to knit, and easy to get it to fit - a SpinCraft Pattern is easy to buy. No more waiting for the postal mail to come, you can download your pattern instantly from our secure shopping cart.

After you've had your first success with our designs, please try our many other patterns for hats, scarves, sweaters, vests and more. You can download all the patterns straight into your computer. Please bookmark the spincraftpatterns.com site after you get there, so you can come again and again.

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How our Knitting Patterns work

With a SpinCraft Knitting Pattern--you are the designer. These patterns are written by Connie Delaney specifically to be used with any type of yarn, and for any size. They are more versatile than a traditional knitting pattern. Our system is a  simple solution for the hand or machine knitter!.

With a SpinCraft Knitting Pattern you are given the designer's original math problems. It's easy! You knit your own swatch with your chosen yarn and knitting needles. Then you take your own measurements (which is why it can fit any size, no matter how big, no matter how small) and plug your answers into the calculation tables. 

It will look something like this:
G = gauge from your swatch (example 6 sts/in)
A = Measure your hips (example 40")
B = G x A (example 40x6=240)
Cast on B sts. (That means cast on 240 sts)

You can easily see that casting 240 sts onto your chosen knitting needles with your favorite knitting yarn,  will give you a piece of knitting that fits exactly around your hips. And that's how it works.

You will notice, as you go through our catalog, that the main picture for each pattern is a simple line drawing. This is because we want to stimulate your imagination into thinking up the colors and textures for your knitting treasure -- after all -- with a SpinCraft knitting pattern, You are the designer!


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Connie Delaney is the author of:

Spindle Spinning: From Novice to Expert

The premier book for learning to spin your own yarn. Starting with a drop spindle is an inexpensive, and easy way to start spinning your own yarn. If you like it, you can graduate to a spinning wheel any time!


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