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Knit Pattern

Knitting Pattern


Knitting pattern, learning how to knit online Knitting patterns for hand or knitting machine,  knitting stitch 

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Knitting Pattern



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knitting pattern  

Knitting Pattern

Looking for something different in a knitting pattern? We'd like to tell you about something new in a written knitting pattern. Something we think is a great addition to the knitting community.

What makes a great knitting pattern? Here at SpinCraft we think that a knitting pattern is great if it makes a great project! And that means a lot of things. First of all it MUST be a pleasant experience to work! After all, there are very few people who knit as a terrible chore that must be done. The truth is, we all love to knit, and we might as well have knitting pattern that is fun to read, enjoyable to knit, and fulfilling to accomplish. 

knitting pattern
find knitting pattern

We also think it is important that knitting a pattern produces a piece of clothing that is loved and worn. In our minds, here at SpinCraft Patterns, we think a great knitting pattern must be versatile so that it will suit a large number of people. And we require even more than that: we want our pattern to teach the knitter how to add their own variations and learn to design works of which they can be truly proud! 

That's a lot to ask of a knitting pattern - and that is why we are constantly improving on our designs and concepts. When you enter our shopping cart you will notice two main categories. 

One is DOWNLOAD PATTERN SETS. What we have done in this category is put together a knitting pattern set that follows a particular theme. As you may know, a SpinCraft Knitting Pattern is designed by Connie Delaney. Over the years Connie has noticed that she tends to follow certain themes in her designs. She'll hit on a new shape for a sweater, vest, hat or other item, and will work pattern after pattern following that one concept. Sometimes they are very closely related. But a person casually browsing through our catalog would never know which patterns fit together in these themes. 

So we have assembled Knitting Pattern sets that go well together and put them into this category at a significant discount. This is definitely the first place to shop when you enter our knitting pattern catalog These sets are all available as an instant download into your computer.

If you would rather look through our inventory to find an individual pattern you can find them all in the "Shop for Individual Pattern" category.

We are working hard to provide you with the hours of knitting enjoyment that come from an interesting pattern!

As knitters we all know the sense of pride that comes from displaying our work. And we know that there is nothing more wonderful than having a pattern we've spent hours knitting admired and loved by others. We know that there is also a tremendous thrill when someone asks us, "Where did you get that?" And we are able to reply, "I designed this, and I added the designs to this knitting pattern myself." That is true accomplishment. 

SpinCraft Patterns specializes in a type of knitting pattern originally designed to be used with handspun yarn. The original challenge was in coming up with a design that could be used with a wide variety of gauges. This is because handspun yarn can be made in any size. it doesn't come out of a machine -- so how the heck can you find a knitting pattern that will come out in the right size when using handspun yarn! 

The answer is math! Just a few simple calculations can turn a knitting project of one size into a completely different size. After all a knit stitch is basically a small rectangle. Put a whole bunch of them together in a three dimensional shape, and you have a grid that can be made to any shape with just a few changes in math, which changes the number of stitches. That grid is your knitting pattern! And that is how we write our instructions here at SpinCraft Knitting Pattern. 

A knitting pattern from our online catalog is sure to please. We have come up with a a special way to present a  knitting project. You will find that you are able to design your own knit wear after working a pattern or two, because we give you the designer's math and calculations. We have a great variety of shapes to make, and you (the actual creator of the piece) have unlimited options in deciding what knit or crochet stitch to add to your piece. You can knit lace, or cables, or add great colors to your creation. One pattern can turn into a hundred creations!

When you try a knitting pattern from us, you start by measuring the person who is going to be wearing the piece. Then you take your yarn and needles and knit a swatch in your chosen knitting stitch pattern. Now, measure your swatch for gauge and you are ready for some simple calculations to get the right fit. 

knitting pattern For instance, check out the chart to the left for a saddle shoulder knitting pattern. It can be made to any size by figuring out J stitches for any size. If your hips are 36" and your yarn gives a gauge of 4 sts per inch. Then J=144.

If your hips are 44' and your gauge is 6 sts per inch, then J=264.

It's just that simple!!!

There is a knitting pattern for practically everything in the SpinCraft Knitting Pattern store. You'll find many ways to make a hat to fit, a pair of mittens, socks, leg warmers, a scarf, vests, sweaters -- and even cute dolls.

You'll love the ease our online knitting pattern shopping cart. We have such a great collection -- and best of all you can download your knitting pattern immediately after purchase. No wait for us to send it to you. (You'll need Adobe Reader to read the .pdf file).

After you've had your first success in learning how to knit with our designs, please try another unique pattern for hats, scarves, sweaters, vests and more. You can also download a knit pattern straight into your computer. Please bookmark the spincraftpatterns.com site after you get there, so you can come again and again.

And, sign up for our free online knitting newsletter. We love to knit! You will too!

One more thing. You can be sure that Connie is working on the next great knitting pattern even as we speak! She has been designing SpinCraft Patterns since 1985, and sending out regular newsletters with her new designs several times a year. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter (we promise not to bug you too often!) Keep on coming back and you will find new projects to begin. There are so many ways to knit your favorite garment with a SpinCraft Pattern, and we are going to come up with every single one of them. 

A SpinCraft Knitting Pattern is easy to fit. 

Links to best selling knitting pattern sets:


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        And what if you want to spin your own yarn to knit?

We have that too!


Connie Delaney is the author of:

Spindle Spinning: From Novice to Expert

The premier book for learning to spin your own yarn. Starting with a drop spindle is an inexpensive, and easy way to start spinning your own yarn. If you like it, you can graduate to a spinning wheel any time!


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