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Sweater Knitting Pattern

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Learn how to knit many sweaters with the SpinCraft Technique 

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Sweater Pattern

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knitting pattern

Sweater Patterns

Over the years SpinCraft Patterns have been designed following certain themes. In our shopping cart we have compiled the similar patterns into economical sets to allow you to explore the full possibility of our various designes. Best of all ... you can download immediately into your computer.

Great Sweater Shapes

Sweater shapes don't have to be boring to knit! There are so many ways to shape a sweater and this pack helps us explore three exciting options. These patterns present three great ways to knit a sweater. With the purchase of this combination of knitting patterns you will discover unique shaping ideas, and soon be designing your own projects around these great shapes.

You can start from the bottom, or the top, add shawl collars, or fun saddle shoulders. Must-have instructions for the knitter's library! And lots of color too! These three patterns have beautiful color combinations and are very striking to knit and wear.

Sweaters with Textures

If you love textured sweaters, this knitting pattern package is for you! Three scrumptious sweaters with cables and textures for that traditional Irish or Aran look. And one beautiful sweater that is worked in numerous knit-purl textures. And not only that, these sweaters come in many style variations: Raglan knit from the top, knit from the bottom, and even a saddle shoulder.

With these four patterns you can make beautiful textured sweaters for everyone you know!
  • Irish Cable Knit Sweater is knit from the neck down with raglan sleeves. 
  • Cable Yoke Sweater is a variation of the Irish Cable Knit Sweater. 
  • Aran Cardigan is knit all in one piece from the bottom up. 
  • Scoop Neck Sweater This beautiful cardigan has drop shoulders and a nice large neck. 


Lace Sweater Patterns

Knit some beautiful lace sweaters with this set of patterns. You have many options here, and once you learn our great shaping and lace techniques you'll be off designing more of your own. You can start your sweater at the bottom of the project, or up on the neck. Necks are shapped various ways, and we also have a modified raglan shoulder on two of these pieces. This creates a very nice taylored fit; very much like a set in sleeve-but knit all in one piece. When you are done knitting on your sweater there are no seams to sew up. Just put it on and go!

  • Spindle Blouse: Knit as a Raglan Sleeve from the neck down.
  • V-Neck Cardigan: Fitted sweater knit from the bottom up.
  • Lace Sweater with Saddle Shoulder: Starts at the bottom ending at neck with saddle shoulder.


Pieced Sweaters

From the easy to the even more easy! This sampling of sweater patterns is unique. Here at SpinCraft Patterns we don't usually like to knit something with seams to sew up at the end -- unless there is a really good reason. And these three sweater patterns have a really good reason.

And best of all, these are great 'mindless' knitting projects sure to give you hours and hours of relaxed pleasure and relief from thinking! One of our main reasons for knitting after all.

Top Down Raglan

This is our famous Sure to Fit Cardigan in all its glory! This pack includes basic instructions for this versatile sweater pattern. It is so easy to get it to fit because you try it on as you go and work each element into the right size

All these sweaters are started at the neck with some simple calculations. Raglan sleeves grow as you knit until the shoulders and yoke are a prefect fit. Then the body and sleeves are continued downward, one after the other, until you have a ready-to-wear sweater. It is knit all in one piece so there are no seams to sew up when you are finished.

This sweater can be knit in so many ways, and the Raglan Sweater Pack has several pattern variations to get you started.

Sideways Sweaters

Wouldn't it be great if you could start a sweater at one side and work to the other? Or how about start all the way out at the sleeve and work to the other sleeve. Well, it can be done and this set of patterns will teach you how to do it!

These patterns give you several options for working sideways sweaters. One even uses a fancy entrelac stitch for a very exotic work of art.

Three of these sweaters can be made on a knitting machine.

  • Sleeve-to-Sleeve Sweater: This sweater can be made on a knitting machine. 
  • Short Sleeve-to-Sleeve Sweater: This sweater has a very attractive two-color band at the bottom, and a great shape.
  • Entrelac Sweater: Great entrelac knitting worked from sleeve to sleeve. 
  • Side to Side Sweater: This version is much easier to fit right. It has a lovely shape and is very  fun to do. Can be knit on a knitting machine.


Color Sweater Patterns

Get out all that great yarn and let's put some color in a sweater. And our suggestions are only the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to add any color pattern you want. These three sweaters are knit from the botttom up, all in one piece. When you're done knitting - the sweater is ready to put on an wear. All color stitch patterns are given in easy to follow charts.

  • Many Colored Sweater: Use up all your old scraps from previous projects on this sweater. 
  • Field of Sheep Sweater: The perfect sweater for the sheep lover. It has pictures of little sheep out grazing in the field given in easy to read color charts.
  • Favorite Things Sweater: Charts are included for skiers with snowflakes and pine trees, or llamas hiking up a mountain.

Baby Patterns

Something for baby! This pattern set includes a knit bunting with a hood, and also a crochet sacque. You will also receive instructions for knitting a little sweater to get it to fit any baby or small child.

Yarn Tip: Use something really soft for baby.


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