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Socks & Slippers Knitting Pattern

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Learn how to knit many socks and slippers with the SpinCraft Technique 

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Sock, Hat & Slipper Patterns

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knitting pattern

Socks, Hats & Slippers Patterns

Over the years SpinCraft Patterns have been designed following certain themes. In our shopping cart we have compiled the similar patterns into economical sets to allow you to explore the full possibility of our various designes. Best of all ... you can download immediately into your computer.

Basic Hats

This is a set of patterns that will help you make all the basic kinds of hats. You will decide all your colors, stitch combinations and yarn types -- which will make an unlimited number of hats. And the best part of all is that you will learn how to make all these hats to fit any head!

  • Pine Forest Hat: Brimmed hat, with a nice tree landscape on the brim. Also includes a Face Mask and a Headband.
  • Ear Flap Hats: Allows many options for color combinations. Can be made on a knitting machine.
  • Cable Hat: This is an easy, and traditional type, hat with one attractive cable for interest.
  • Tams:  this pattern gives you many options. 
  • Many Headbands: Headbands are the best thing for keep the ears warm. 


Best Socks

Everything you ever wanted to know about socks - with clear and easy directions. You can knit them any way you want! From the cuff down, from the toe up, with double pointed needles or on a flat two-needle set. Finally you don't have to be afraid of turning a heel. Our instructions are clear and easy to follow. Just take your heel step-by-step and you WILL succeed.

Then you can start to get fancy. Once you really learn how to knit a sock and get it to fit you will be able to make anything you want. Add colors, texture patterns . . . anything you want for a beautiful sock.

Socks are fun to make!

Colorful Socks

There are so many ways to knit beautiful socks, and these instructions walk you through a number of them. Numerous two-color knitting charts help you with the colors. And then the best sock of all: a colorful entrelac cuff.

So much fun to knit!

  • Entrelac Socks: Entrelac socks are surprisingly easy to make even though they look very complicated. 
  • Dancing Slipper Socks: These beautiful socks will warm your feet after a fun day of skiing, or snuggled up on the couch watching a video. 
  • Nordic Mukluks: These knit boots have a fantastic two-color chart pattern with bright snowflakes. 
  • Seven Color Socks & Gloves:  The color patterns are all quite easy, using simple geometric designs. 




Exotic Hats

Hats don't have to be boring. With this set of knitting patterns you can start whipping out hats that really wow people! These are not your everyday hats! Use your head as an excuse to practice some exotic Nordic two-color knitting, or try a lace Wimple.

Get out some really great colors for these projects.

  • Wimples: A wimple is a lace tube which can drape up over the ears and face, or snuggle down on the neck. 
  • Pointed Ski Hat: Can be made with one or two points. Use bright colors. Kids love these. 
  • Star Hat, Mittens & Headband: Nordic knit pattern of snowflakes enhance this exotic set. 
  • Fluffy Hat: Fun loop-knitting pattern makes a fluff around the face. Attached scarf keeps your neck warm. Easy two-color knitting pattern on top of hat matches mittens and leg warmers.


Freedom Fingers

Let your fingers roam free with this interesting set of patterns from SpinCraft. You can stay warm and still get stuff done with these gloves and mittens because your fingers are available. Great for hunters and outdoorsmen. Our wrist warmers are a good fashion statement too. Keep your wrists warm and the rest of your body stays so much warmer because so much of your blood circulates through the veins close to your wrist. Many typists wear this to keep their hands warm and limber.

A quick project to knit.



Gloves, Mittens & Scarves

This is a basic guide to knitting any type of glove or mitten. You will learn how to take the right measurements of the hand, knit a quick swatch, and shape the knitting to the hand that is going to be wearing it. With the basic patterns you can go on to design virtually any type of glove or mitten you desire. As a bonus, in this set, you also receive some great pattern stitches and instructions on how to use them to make a scarf to go with your glove or mitten.

Tip: Great for yarn from your scrap pile.

Knit to Fit Hats

I'm the kind of person likes to get away from knitting a swatch if I possibly can. So I have come up with several methods for just starting a piece and knitting unti it fits. Hats are perfect for this kind of knitting, and here are four patterns that give you the freedom to "Just Go!"

  • No Measure Hats: Knit a hat without making a swatch.
  • Slip Stitch Hats: This is a variation of the No Measure Hat using slip stitch 
  • Aztec & Field of Sheep Hats: Knit in the round from the top down. It's easy to get them to fit your head. 
  • Crochet Hat, Tam & Headband: Quick to crochet in any size. 


Lots of Scarves

Scarves are such a great knitting project. The only problem you can run into in knitting a scarf is in choosing a knitting stitch that curls in at the sides - thus giving you a tube to wear around your neck - rather than what you were wanting: a scarf! We have several great ideas in this set of knitting patterns for getting your scarf knitting days off to a good start.

Tip: Use a very soft yarn so the scarf does not scratch your neck.

  • Multi-Pattern Scarf: This scarf uses ten patterns combining the knit purl stitch. 
  • Lace Scarves: These patterns give numerous options for lace scarf.
  • Tucked Scarf: This scarf wraps around your neck with one side tucking into a little sleeve on the other. Two versions: garter stitch and lace. Very stylish and easy to make.

Socks on Circular Knitting Needles

Knitting Socks on Circular Needles. This is an ingenious technique. Two circular needles are used to knit a tube. One half of the tube is worked off the points of one circular needle, and the other half rests on the band of the second, which has just enough bend to give the working needles the angle they need. While not really faster than knitting with four double pointed needles, this technique is certainly less intimidating to the beginning sock knitter.

And that's not all - on circular needles you can actually knit a sock in either direction: from the cuff down, or from the toe up. These instructions will give you all the options.

Warm Feet Pattern Set

Keep your feet toasty warm with knit and crocket slippers, or a set of leg warmers for the ankles. These projects are a must-have for the knitter's library.

  • Knit and Crochet Slippers: These slippers are quick and easy to make. 
  • Flared Leg Warmers: These leg warmers not only cover the leg, but they have a flared bottom to cover the top of the foot and shoe for extra warmth.
  • Lace Leg Warmers: This is an extra version of the flared leg warmer made with attractive lace. 

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And what if you want to spin your own yarn?

We have that too!

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The premier book for learning to spin your own yarn. Starting with a drop spindle is an inexpensive, and easy way to start spinning your own yarn. If you like it, you can graduate to a spinning wheel any time!

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